Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Introducing myself

My name's Noemí, I'm fifteen and I from Spain. I don't like go to school because I hate stay six hours on the chair, looking the blackboard; sometimes is very boring. I prefer sports like swimming, dance, running... I like all sports.
In my free time I dance: ballet, spanish dance, clasical-spanish...
The last year I was swimming but I was detargeting because I didn't like it very much and I was swimming since I was four.
I think I'm lazy and friendly, and I like very very much the chocolate but, only the milk chocolate, and the strawberry milkshke.
I like animals too but my family hates them. I have a tourtle and her name is Keka.
My spectatives for this year are: pass the course, with good marks ( I hope), and have fun.

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